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Weekly training group: technique coaching and time trials in Hawaii Kai

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Blue Planet and Wet Feet are holding a weekly coaching/ time trial group training event in Hawaii Kai every Wednesday, this page will have the latest updates, results and coaching videos/ information posted.

Wednesday until further notice: We are meeting by the Hawaii Kai boat ramp, unless we are doing a downwinder, in which case we are meeting in Kahala.  Please make sure to subscribe to the e-mails so you get the latest information.
Meeting place for the Wednesdays training group: This sign by the Hawaii Kai boat ramp

For the winter training season, when the days are shorter, the start time is 5:00 PM.  The rest of the year we start at 5:30 pm.

We welcome anyone to join our weekly training group, although these sessions are targeted for intermediate and advanced paddlers to improve their technique and to improve fitness through regular high intensity training.  We will usually run the regular time trial course which can be shortened for those that do not want to paddle the whole 2 mile course.  Sometimes will do shorter sprint training sessions and if the wind is good, we will do a Hawaii Kai to Kahala downwind run (for downwinders, we meet at Kahala earlier, please sign up for the e-mail newsletter to get updates).  If you are a beginner, we recommend taking some private SUP lessons first as our coaching topics are geared towards more advanced paddlers.

This is the time trial course, approximately 2 miles. 

When the wind is good, our training group does a Kahala run downwinder instead of the time trial.  Please sign up for the newsletter to know when to meet for a downwinder instead of the time trial.  Downwinders are only for participants that have downwind experience.  If you have never done a downwinder before, please sign up for a private coached downwind run before you join the group runs.  The downwinders are only for paddlers that have experience at doing downwinders.   Because we only have a limited time to make it to the end before it gets dark, we are also requiring a "qualifying time" of less than 28 minutes for the 2 mile time trial course, so before you join the group downwinders, please make sure you have completed the time trial course in under 28 minutes at least once.

On windy days, our training group does this Kahala Run (about 5 miles) and a shorter run (about 2.5 miles) for those less experienced in downwind paddling.  
Wai'alae Beach park in Kahala is the meeting place (and finish) when we do the downwind course.  Please sign up for the weekly newsletter to fins out when and where to meet on Wednesdays afternoons.

The results of the time trials are posted online on Racesplitter:

Here is a video of a recent group downwinder on 1/29/14:

Video stroke technique analysis held before the second time trial on Oct. 17th, 2012:

Below is the latest video analysis from Dec. 26th:

This is the video analysis of our Faster buoy turn coaching practice:

Guest coaches Candice Appleby and Anthony Vela from talk about paddling into the wind and crosswinds:

Below is the video from last weeks class, taking another look at stroke technique.  Everyone has been improving their technique.  We will watch this as a group and talk about things we notice, this video has no narrating or music, just raw footage.  I edited the footage to put each paddlers clips together.  Watch yourself a few times and see what you can learn about your own stoke.  Look at the reach, catch, lower hand grip position, stroke rate, shoulder twist, lean, exit, feather, relaxed recovery, breathing, etc, all the things we have talked about.

We hope to see you next Wednesday for the weekly coaching/ time trial.

Where: East end of Hawaii Kai boat ramp

When: 5 pm this Wednesday and every Wednesday (please sing up for weekly newsletter at the bottom of page)

What: We will start with signup, technique coaching on the grass with a different topic/ focus each week, drills, warmup, paddle to the start. The time trial will start on the beach at Portlock. We will keep track of name, race number, board class (12'6, 14', unlimited, other watercraft welcome to join) and male/ female, no age groups.

Why: The goal is to improve technique, stay in shape and boost performance.  Comparing times will allow us to see improvements in conditioning, the effect of using different technique and gear, and the impact of the conditions/ wind. Times will be recorded and posted online after each time trial and we will have a spreadsheet that will make it easy to compare performance. We want to encourage some of the younger paddlers and help them become competitive racers. Please join us and forward this email to any friends you think might be interested, the more the merrier.  Although the coaching/ time trials are geared towards more advanced paddlers, we always welcome less experienced paddlers that want to improve their skills.

Payment information:

The first time trial is always free to newcomers.  If you are attending for the second (or more) time, there is a charge of $15 per meeting or $100 for a pack of 10 ($10 per coaching/ time trial attended).  We don't take payments at the event, so please go to either the  Blue Planet or Wet Feet store to pay, or you can pay for it online here:

If you need a board, please let Robert or Jeff know and we can bring a demo race board ($30 rental fee includes transporting board to and from time trial).

If you purchase a 10 pack, we will use the time trial results to keep track of how many time trials you have attended.  Jeff is keeping a spreadsheet of who paid and how many credits you have left.  .  Mahalo!

All participants are required to sign this waiver form before participating.  We will have forms available or you can print the form and bring it to the next meeting:

 Subscribe to our weekly training group mailing list:

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