Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Surf Expo: Starboards SUP 2013 products previews by team riders

It turned out that our Blue Planet/ Everpaddle booth at Surf Expo was right next to the Starboard booth.  We sell a lot of Starboards products at the Blue Planet Surf Shop, so I went over to check out what's new for next year.  It was on Friday, the day before the Standup World tour event at Coco Beach and all the top teamriders were on hand to talk about what's new.  Here are the videos I was able to shoot at the Starboards booth with some of the world's top stand up paddlers:

Connon Baxter talks about the new Raceboard designs:

Zane Schweitzer talks about his Pro model and some of the other models in the lineup:

Sean Pointer talks about his new Pro model:

Dan Gavere talks about the lineup of new Starboards inflatable SUP's:

Robert Stehlik

Here are a couple of pics of the Blue Planet/ Everpaddle booth:
Blue Planet booth at Surf Expo

Robert Stehlik, Miho Tanaka, Fabrice Beaux and Kevin Seid at the September 2012  Surf Expo

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