Saturday, March 10, 2012

SUP equipment instructional videos

We have been putting together a series of instructional videos on how to install, use and maintain your SUP equipment and I am posting them here for easy reference and will add more as we make them.

Instructions for sizing, cutting and gluing a Blue Planet Featherlight High performance carbon paddle with T-handle.
Filmed by Evan Leong of

Instructional video for the Blue Planet High Performance Paddle Edge Tape, for more info or to order, visit:

Instructional video for the Blue Planet Paddle Edge Guard Kit.

Microgrip paddle grip

Blue Planet rail tape application instructions. If you live on Oahu, bring your board to Blue Planet Surf Shop where we apply it free, or follow these instructions for a professional looking application. To order, please go to:

How to properly remove and install a two way gore vent plug. Brought to you by

How to strap a surfboard or SUP to your car fast, easy and safely using one strap in under 30 seconds

How to use the Blue Planet inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards.
Includes instructions on how to inflate and deflate the board and paddle, using the hand pump and electric pump, and some water shots.

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  1. Wow really interesting to see. I really like all the videos. Thank you for sharing


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