Saturday, August 6, 2022

Downwind Foil Race Recap- BlueWater Classic- Wing Foil Race and SUP Foil Race

The Molokai 2 Oahu Race was cancelled again this year and a shorter course on Oahu took it's place- The BlueWater Hawaiian Classic. The organizers set up a special, shorter course for SUP foilers to be able to race in the bumps- from Portlock Point to the Windsock at Kaimana. They also opened the race to Wing Foilers and we ended up having the biggest field yet of foiler racers on Oahu gather at the start off of Portlock Point. The video voiceover touches on the history of the race, training, participants, equipment used, technique and strategy, results and more. Photo credit: Pat Meyers videos by: Jeff Chang, Derek Hamasaki, Kevin Lee, Robert Stehlik and others editing: Lucas Purcell and Robert Stehlik These are the official Foil Race results for the foil divisions: molokai2oahu The Foil Division featured both Wing and SUP from China Walls to Kaimana Beach! The classic Hawaii Kai run a was perfect match for Nani Dalene who dominated with 2nd overall 🔥 🌺Men Wing FOIL Robert Stehlik 26:30 Eli Maioho 28:06 Josh Lawrence 28:23 🌺Women Wing FOIL Nani Dalene 27:55 Glennel Jordan 47:70 🌺Men FOIL Jack Ho 28:19 Andrew Gibbons 30:24 Eric Sterman 30:50 🌺Women FOIL Andrea Moller 46:00 Here is a link to the complete GPS data from my Garmin watch: We hope you liked the video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the blueplanetsurf YouTube channel, we post a new video every Saturday morning, Aloha!

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