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SUP Paddle reviews by Robert Stehlik

At Blue Planet Surf Shop we are passionate about good stand up paddles.  We think a good paddle is just as important (and arguably more important) as a good board.  We pride ourselves in having one of the most complete selections of quality stand up paddles you will find anywhere with all the top brands represented as well as some lesser known brands and we can help you choose the best paddle for your needs.  Here are some reviews of the new models from some of the brands we carry.  Thanks to Evan Leong of for shooting the video reviews, presented here in no particular order.

Native Living Custums:
Beautiful hand crafted paddles, made in Hawaii with plenty Mana inside and great innovative features, including a detachable blade design and egg shaped shafts.  The owner and craftsman, Alex Nix keeps pushing the limits of what's possible.  

For more information, visit their facebook page:

Here is a new video with the owner/ craftsman behind the NLC paddles, Alex Nix, explaining more about the features of his paddles:

Ke Nalu Paddles:
This newer brand that has been taking the market by storm with innovative, high quality paddles with amazing performance, thinner shaft diameter, and many customization options.  Once you get used to a Ke Nalu paddle, it's hard to go back to anything else.  It's no wonder these are some of our best selling paddles.

For more information, visit:

Kialoa Paddles:
Kialoa's are some of the most popular paddles out there, and for good reason.  A long history of making excellent paddles, quality, lightweight construction, made in the US, and comfortable oval shaped shafts.  Their new Lever Lock adjustment system is, in our opinion, the best adjustment system currently available.

For more information:

Here is a good video on Kialoa's design philosophy:

Whiskeyjack Paddles:
If you like handcrafted wood, check out these paddles:  beautiful craftsmanship with excellent performance, made in the Rocky Mountains.  Lightweight, beautiful, strong and functional, what more would you ask for?

For more information, visit:

Werner Paddles:
Werner has a long history of making excellent paddles.  Their newest Grand Prix paddles are very impressive- light, strong and efficient blade design.  Their handle shape is one of the best-ergonomic and comfortable, it now comes in full carbon on the GP paddles.

For more information, visit:

Quickblade Paddles:
Quickblade owner Jim Terrell is an olympic paddler and his company has probably done more than anyone to drive our sport forward.  The thin, sharp edged blades are the result of many years of testing and development and make the entry and exit super clean and efficient.  It's no wonder that Quickblade paddles are used by many of the top racers in the world.
For more information:

Below is a video of Jim Terrell showing the new Quickblade paddles at Surf Expo- the new Elite Race paddle with tapered/ oval shaft felt really good. Also featuring Talia Gangini and Bailey Rossen.

Riviera Paddles:
If you are looking for a good value, the Riviera Danny Ching Scout paddle and Asset adjustable paddle are hard to beat.
For more info:

Kahuna Creations:
The new Big Stick skate stick is a cool cross training tool.
For more info:

That's it for now, we'll try to add more paddles and reviews as they come in and appreciate your feedback.  

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Click here to watch the paddle review videos on vimeo

Aloha, Robert Stehlik

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