Monday, January 13, 2014

Group downwind run videos with voice over coaching tips

Downwind coaching runs are most effective with one on one instructions but doing downwinders as a group is fun as well and a great way for those newer to downwind paddling to get into the sport and learn the fundamentals in a safe environment.  When we have enough people interested in a group run, I offer coached runs for groups of up to 5 people.  Last week we did two group downwinders, the first with five participants, the second with two (plus myself).  Watch the videos for some tips for the fun downwind run from Portlock to Kahala.

Here are two videos of group downwinders from last week with coaching tips voiced over:

January 7th downwinder with Peter, Kyle, Allan, Linda, and Patricia: 

January 10th downwinder with Sean and Hopper:

January 29th downwind group with: 

Kyle, Jenn, Brett, Robert, Natalie, Sean 

for more information on coached downwinders, visit this post:

Robert Stehlik

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  2. I like your video on wind-over. Are you give on voice over tips? This is well founding for me because I also want to learn about voice over so your tips will be help me lot when I will start my coaching on voice over. Thanks


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